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Counting the DNA differences


The following adjustment is done to the drifting game. In the first version, DNA differences were counted sequentially, meaning that within each group each organism was compared to its neighbor. By changing this so that every organism is compared to every other organism, and then divided to the number of comparisons done within each group, the number of DNA differences within each group is much more accurate. This makes the increasing differences, the drifting, much more obvious.

The screenshot displays the number of differences just a few years after separation of the groups.

Download the drifting game here.

Categories: Science

Tags: Drifting game, Evolution

One response to “Counting the DNA differences”

  1. […] To control: Press Space to pause and press F12 to separate the group in to two groups (can be done once). The expected effect after the split is that the number of DNA differences between individuals in the group will remain the same as the previous total, but the DNA differences between the groups will increase over time, even though no selection is done. The DNA differences are counted for sequentially and divided by the number individuals in a group. So, not every individual is compared with every individual. Correction here. […]

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