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Anders Hesselbom

Programmerare, skeptiker, sekulärhumanist, antirasist.
Författare till bok om C64 och senbliven lantis.
Röstar pirat.

Tag: Drifting game

Some visual aid

To conclude, click on an organism to zoom in on it. When an organism is zoomed in, some details about it is shown together with the DNA string of the parent organisms (if the parents are still alive). Download: Drifting.exe Happy new year! [...]

Counting the DNA differences

The following adjustment is done to the drifting game. In the first version, DNA differences were counted sequentially, meaning that within each group each organism was compared to its neighbor. By changing this so that every organism is compared to [...]

This is the drifting game!

The drifting game does not illustrate evolution or the power of natural selection, but change over time and our ability to tell that about relationship to other spices, such as chimpanzees. The board consists of 285 placeholders (19 x 15). Each place [...]

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