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Easy archiving of files using PowerShell


This example shows easy compressing and archiving of files using the WindowsBase library and PowerShell. This code will use the WindowsBase library to create a ZIP archive from a couple of images. In this example, I am working in the C root, and the files I want to add to my ZIP archive are also located there.

#Load some assemblys. (No line break!)
   Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35")

#Create a zip file named "". (No line break!)
   [System.IO.FileMode]"OpenOrCreate", [System.IO.FileAccess]"ReadWrite")

#The files I want to add to my archive:
$files = @("/Penguins.jpg", "/Lighthouse.jpg")

#For each file you want to add, we must extract the bytes
#and add them to a part of the zip file.
ForEach ($file In $files)
   $partName=New-Object System.Uri($file, [System.UriKind]"Relative")
   #Create each part. (No line break!)
   $part=$ZipPackage.CreatePart($partName, "application/zip",
   $stream.Write($bytes, 0, $bytes.Length)

#Close the package when we're done.

Now, my image files are archived to one ZIP file.

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