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Tag: PowerShell

Visual Basic/PowerShell interaction

Through the .NET Framework, Visual Basic can talk to PowerShell. If PowerShell is installed, you can add a reference to an assembly named System.Management.Automation. You will have to browse for it, and you will find it here: C:\Program Files\Ref [...]

Easy archiving of files using PowerShell

This example shows easy compressing and archiving of files using the WindowsBase library and PowerShell. This code will use the WindowsBase library to create a ZIP archive from a couple of images. In this example, I am working in the C root, and the [...]

Reacting to user input

Continued from here. The concept of events is that when a GUI component (a "control") reacts on something like user actions, the control has the power to inform anyone who wants to know about that action. This is the event system of the .NET F [...]

Using the Graphical User Interface

If you are doing this as a script, you must have given yourself the permission execute scripts. To start, you must load the library that holds the classes that are used for GUI programming. Remember, you cannot do a line break here. I only do i [...]

There is nothing that can’t be done with PowerShell

Basically, what makes PowerShell a so much better command line shell and scripting language than its competitors, is that you can do anything and everything. If you want to create scripts, you must give yourself permission to do so (shown here). In a [...]

Checking a twitter feed using PowerShell

To check a twitter feed using PowerShell, you must have an URL to an XML feed (probably RSS). Open the web site of the account you're interested in ( and find the RSS link. Mine is [...]

Getting started, part 3 of 3

About providers and cmdlets: If you just start PowerShell and use these cmdlets, they are for file management. The Add-Content cmdlet can create a file if it doesn’t exist, and append information to that file. If you execute the following line, yo [...]

Getting started, part 2 of 3

When you know about cmdlets and how to get help on them, the next thing is to learn how to use the window.All commands you type in are saved in the command buffer. The keys you use to access the buffer is: - [Up] for the previous command in the bu [...]

Getting started, part 1 of 3

First of all, your old commands that you used in cmd.exe still work. You have to be a tiny bit stricter in syntax. For example, when you navigate to the parent folder in cmd.exe, you could write: cd.. In PowerShell, you have to add a space [...]

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