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Synchronizing subtitles using the SRT Tool


My aim with SRT Tool is to make synchronization easy. Imagine a scenario where you have an Xvid movie that you want to view. The source might be an imported DVD or something, the point is that you don’t have the subtitles for your particular language, so you download it in SRT format from the web. The usual way to connect a SRT file with an AVI file is to place the files in the same directory and to give the two files the same filename, making the file ending the only difference in the name. Now, when you start the movie (let’s say in VLC) you notice that the subtitles are out of sync. This is how you fix that:

Start the movie. Make a note when the first line is being said. Hour, minute, second and millisecond. Also, write down when the last line is being said. Close your media player.

Start SRT Tool and open the SRT file.

The text file might begin or end with information about who wrote the subtitles or perhaps who ripped it. This has to be deleted, so that the first and the last item of the subtitle file is movie translation (of dialog or other). Let’s say that you want to delete the last item. Do this by pressing End on your keyboard, followed by clicking Delete current in the Edit menu.

Click on the time stamp labeled “First in” to be able to edit it. Correct it with the time you wrote down. Click OK.

Do the same with time stamp labeled “Last in”. Correct it and click OK.

Finally, click Save in the File menu to save your changes to the SRT file. Now, when you start the movie, the subtitles are displayed correctly in sync with the dialogs.

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One response to “Synchronizing subtitles using the SRT Tool”

  1. Richard says:

    if u got the SRT synchronization tool tnks

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