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Public Service TV and Sean Banan


I am an obedient license payer, and I appreciate the Swedish public service media. I do not watch much television, but the license money covers the cost of public service radio, which I like to listen to. Swedish public service relies heavily on licensing money, and it is mandatory to pay. Only sometimes takes the sponsors to fund a major event.

I am a happy customer. Broadcaster SVT has produced and demonstrated the kind of program that is not always the commercial media to handle. But SVT also competes with commercial media. The song selection for the Eurovision Song Contest is one such example. It is a spectacle known as the Eurovision Song Contest, and it’s one of the TV shows that I actually watch.

After the contestants contributions played, authors usually publish their songs online. As one song, “Cocabanana” with Sean Banan, was a suspect theft, I published a YouTube clip in which I recounted a few seconds of the song so that viewers could form an opinion. This is something I have the right to do. In Sweden, we have the right to quote a piece that we are talking or writing about, and my clip had a few second from the song in question.

SVT incorrectly reported me to YouTube for copyright infringement. Anyone who uses YouTube knows that it causes a lot of problems, and I asked SVT for a comment on Twitter. I have not received any comment from them yet.

Of course I deleted the video, I respect their claims to own the copyright to the Sean Banan song. But this whole story reminds me that SVT is a company that gets their money for free, and are used to getting what they want. Fuck ’em.

The story starts here. More on this here.

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