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Notable speeches on evolution


These are in my opinion the currently most important speeches on evolution and creationism. You don’t have to have any preexisting knowledge to be able to follow, and they cover why we know what we know about the occuring evolution and why we know creationism (such as Intelligent Design) is false.

ID Creationisms Trojan Horse
Prof. Barbara Forrest, 2008

The Intelligent Design movement and the Dover-Kitzmiller trial. About 60 min.

Creationism: Still crazy after all these years
Dr. Eugenie Scott, 2009

A very entertaining history of Intelligent Design. 56 min.

Why evolution is true
Prof. Jerry Coyne, 2009

A lovely introduction on why we know evolution occurs. This talk suffers from a “microphone location problem” but it is fully understandable. 57 min.

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