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My first look at Internet Explorer 9


The first thing is to fly off to the ACID3 test (that of course is overloaded now when the IE9 BETA is released), so I will have to get back to this. All modern browsers do 100% in the ACID3 with IE8 as the only exception. IE8 isn’t close.

The next thing that I want to try out is how well tabbing works. This is perhaps the one flaw that I just can’t stand in earlier versions of IE. As a FireFox user and Chrome user, I am so spoiled with good response times, and I am very intolerant to the half second freeze that IE7 and 8 does when I middle-click on a link. And dammit, Microsoft have fixed that! My major complain is gone!

The interface is nice. They have stolen the Google Chrome look, with a thumbnail start page, no status bar (status messages pop up at the bottom) and the Chrome tab style. Well done.

Since I am working on my Monkeybone image format and my Monkeybone Viewer that supports HTML5 canvas export, I also had to try that out in IE9. In IE8, I would get an ActiveX warning and an incorrect render. IE9 still gives the ActiveX warning, but renders the HTML5 output from my application perfectly. The ActiveX warning only apply to local documents, not remote. I can live with that. The HTML5 implementation of Asteroids also works perfectly. Ironically, the site states that Chrome, FireFox, Safari or Opera is required. Screw them!

The developer tools have been greatly improved too. My first impression is that IE9 feels like a modern browser version 1.0, and I hope that we can forget IE8 and earlier as fast as possible. I already use IE (IE8) with Visual Studio at work, and I will wait for the golden release for updating my job computer. At home, I am happy with Chrome, but I will make sure that the stuff I produce looks nice in IE9. It is a good web browser.

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