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Tweaking the wall, part 3/3: Startup script


Edit: This post concerns “The Wall”, a discontinued project.

The basic rule is that a VBScript file called TheWall.vbs that is placed in the same folder as TheWall.exe is loaded when TheWall.exe is started. Remember that you start TheWall.exe, not any script file – the script file is loaded by TheWall.exe. So if you are creating a shortcut, the shortcut should point to TheWall.exe.

You can manipulate this behavior by passing a filename as an argument to TheWall.exe. If a filename is passed, The Wall attempts to load that file instead of TheWall.vbs. There is no fallback, so the file you pass as an argument, must exist. The Wall cannot be started if no filename is passed as argument and the file TheWall.vbs is not present, or if a filename is passed as an argument and that file does not exist.

To check what file is running, use the ScriptFilename property.

MsgBox ScriptFilename

Just for the fun of it, this code will produce a line that is bouncing within a box. And now you know how to start it.

BackgroundColor = "#000000"

X1 = 0
Y1 = 0
X1Speed = 4
Y1Speed = 2

X2 = 30
Y2 = 190
X2Speed = 2
Y2Speed = 1

BeforeUpdate "Bounce"

Sub Bounce(ByVal G)
   X1 = X1 + X1Speed
   Y1 = Y1 + Y1Speed
   If X1 > 200 Or X1 < 0 Then
      X1Speed = X1Speed * -1
   End If
   If Y1 > 200 Or Y1 < 0 Then
      Y1Speed = Y1Speed * -1
   End If

   X2 = X2 + X2Speed
   Y2 = Y2 + Y2Speed
   If X2 > 200 Or X2 < 0 Then
      X2Speed = X2Speed * -1
   End If
   If Y2 > 200 Or Y2 < 0 Then
      Y2Speed = Y2Speed * -1
   End If

   G.DrawBar "#555555", 0, 0, 200, 200
   G.DrawLine "#ffffff", X1, Y1, X2, Y2
End Sub

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