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Anders Hesselbom

Programmerare, skeptiker, sekulärhumanist, antirasist.
Författare till bok om C64 och senbliven lantis.
Röstar pirat.

Tag: SID Music

Making music in Basic 7.0 part 5

You can add pitch bending using the SOUND command. By itself, you cannot use envelopes, just flat sounds in any given pitch. The arguments are voice (1, 2 or 3), frequency (0 to 65535), duration (16 = one second), pitch bend direction (0 = up, 1 = do [...]

Making music in Basic 7.0 part 4

Apart from PLAY, the commands that are available for making sounds and music are TEMPO, ENVELOPE, SOUND and FILTER. TEMPO lets you control playback speed. The slowest is 1 and the fastest is 255. ENVELOPE lets you modify the ten predefined inst [...]

Making music in Basic 7.0 part 3

When you use the other synthesizer control characters (O, T, U and X), they apply no matter of what voice (V) you have chosen. So when you for example use O to set the octave (0 to 6), all the following notes, regardless of voice, will be played in t [...]

Making music in Basic 7.0 part 2

The synthesizer control characters (V, O, T, U and X) always take one integer argument and always affect all the rest of the notes that are played. V stands for Voice and is the key to polyphonic music. Since polyphonic music is achieved by playing n [...]

Making music in Basic 7.0 part 1

In Commodore Basic 7, music is made using the PLAY command. PLAY takes one string, and that string contains the notations that you want the Commodore 128 to play. The string "CDE" will play the note C, and then the note D and finally then note E. PL [...]

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