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Anders Hesselbom

Programmerare, skeptiker, sekulärhumanist, antirasist.
Författare till bok om C64 och senbliven lantis.
Röstar pirat.

Tag: C65

A physical C65 in action

There are some preserved footage of actual Commodore 65 machines out there. This first clip demonstrates some graphics capabilities. Note that you don't have to specify the unit number when loading from disk. This clip shows how to use the Com [...]

Editing code on the Commodore 65

The Commodore 64 and the Commodore 128 uses the same method for editing code. You press enter over a line, and that line is stored the with the index of the entered line number, overwriting any existing code on that with that index. The Commodore 65 [...]

The Commodore 65

This is truly one of those machines you really want to own. The Commodore 65 (or C64DX) never made it to the market, probably because of the huge success of the Commodore Amiga. But what a machine it is. Better graphics than the Amiga, 128 Kb of R [...]

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