Photoname Portable, the command line arguments Read more

Photoname Portable, the command line arguments

These are the command line arguments that control the actions of pnp.exe, that you can send to it: -fld [folder] Renames all images in a specific folder. Specify the folder with images you want to rename, or type start to search for images in the same folder that pnp.exe is started from. Starting pnp.exe like […]

Photoname Portable Read more

Photoname Portable

The portable version of Photoname (pnp.exe) doesn’t have a GUI, but it is pretty simple to use anyway. You can either start it from the command interface and pass arguments to it to tell it what to do, or you can double click on it, and then tell it what to do. If you want […]

PhotoName improvements, December 2009 Read more

PhotoName improvements, December 2009

The following changes are made to PhotoName. The Options dialog (click Behaviour and Other settings) lets you control what will happen if you double click an image in the list. A new drop down menu (Edit) is added to the menu bar. From there you can change what images are selected in the list. You […]

PhotoName improvements, October 2009 Read more

PhotoName improvements, October 2009

A new dialog for manipulating the programs behavior is added. From there, you can tell PhotoName what to do with images that lacks an embedded photo date. Download PhotoName from this page, but remember to uninstall any previous version first. For more posts on this application, check the PhotoName tag.

PhotoName improvements, September 2009 Read more

PhotoName improvements, September 2009

Two changes have been made. PhotoName does a more effective image caching to be able to display thumbnails faster, and a directory list is added. The directory list can be used to navigate to any child directory or to the parent directory, without having to open the folder browser. Also, the directory list tells you […]

F# and PhotoName Read more

F# and PhotoName

I have just decided to look in to F#, the new functional .NET language by Microsoft. It installs with Visual Studio 2010, and it can be installed for Visual Studio 9. I use Visual Studio 9 for my everyday work, so I installed it from here (click on the word MSI in the first paragraph […]