Tag: HTML5

Basic animation

Canvas animations in HTML5 relies on the build in double buffering of the canvas element and the built in timers in JavaScript. The following example demonstrates. When the page is loaded, the initializeAnimation function is called. The initializeAnimation function sets some values to some variables and fires the animation by calling the setInterval function. The […]

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Filling and drawing boxes

The HTML5 canvas is an excellent way to display vector graphics on the web, that is, images that isn’t made up by pixels, but geometrical shapes, such as lines and boxes. To display a vector image, you will need a canvas tag that defines the size of the image, and some JavaScript code that defines […]

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Export HTML5 Canvas images

The latest addition to the Monkeybone Viewer (1.3) is the ability to save images as HTML5 Canvas images. This feature is not working perfect yet – there are still features that the Monkeybone image format can render, but not export correct. This feature should be correct in the next release. Download link on this page.

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